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Bequia’s Beaches

Caribbean (Leeward) Side

Princess Margaret Beach

Often said to be the best beach on Bequia, Princess Margaret Beach is just down from Port Elizabeth on the Caribbean side of the island. This beach is a beautiful ribbon of golden sand and is so named because Princess Margaret enjoyed a swim there. Before that it was known as Tony Gibbons's beach. It recently acquired a bar and restaurant, Jack's Bar, but this is tucked away discreetly at one end.

Lower Bay Beach

Lower Bay is one bay along from Princess Margaret, and is a popular, expansive beach. There are a number of good, bars and restaurants, making it a popular venue both during the day and in the evening. It's also where the locals congregate on Sunday afternoons to kick back with a few drinks.

Atlantic (Windward) Side

Friendship Bay is a short ride from town, and it is a long, wide sweep of beach, much favoured by the locals. There are increasing numbers of hotels and bars along this beach, but it's still quiet and far from crowded.

Friendship Bay Beach

Ravine Bay Beach

Ravine Bay lies between Friendship Bay and Hope Bay. It's not accessible by car, so is very quiet. It has a broad swathe of sand, good waves, and its own blowhole, formed by the Atlantic waves over many years.

Hope Bay Beach

Hope Bay is north of Friendship, and is both remote and picturesque. It is difficult to get to, but that makes it all the more worthwhile. There are no hotels or bars nearby. It has rather shallow waters and good waves, making it good for surfing.

Spring Bay Beach

Spring Bay is on the north-east side of Bequia and is typically empty. It is lined with palm trees from an old plantation.

Industry Bay Beach

Industry Bay is located just north of Spring, and has no industry whatsoever! Industry has a good beach and is favoured for snorkelling.

Bequia has plenty of beaches to choose from, each with its own characteristics. In general those on the Caribbean (Leeward, Western) side are calmer, with clearer waters. Those on the Atlantic (Windward, Eastern) side have slightly rougher seas, and typically fewer people on the beach.