Bequia Villa Rental: Bequia Whispers Villa

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Bequia’s Restaurants

Bequia has plenty of restaurants, in a variety of styles.The local tradition is for fish and seafood, and spicy food is quite common. But you’ll also find French, Italian, and Mexican food on the island. Here’s a selection to keep you going: we’ve eaten in, and can recommend, them all.

Listing is by area, sorted alphabetically, with restaurants within each area also sorted alphabetically.

Tanti Pearl’s

Traditional Caribbean food, attentive service, and a fantastic view down to the harbour. Tel: +1 (784) 457 3160

Port Elizabeth

Gingerbread Hotel

Pretty hotel restaurant with traditional fretwork, elevated above the Belmont Walkway. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3800


Open air terrace overlooking Admiralty Bay. Great food too. Tell Gert we sent you!  Tel: +1 (784) 457 3443

Frangipani Hotel

Hotel restaurant, on the Belmont Walkway, famed for its Thursday night jump ups. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3255

Mac’s Pizzeria

Brilliant pizza, eat in or takeaway. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3474

De Reef

On the beach. The locals gather there on Sunday afternoons. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3958

Lower Bay

La Plage

We like this for two reasons: the terrace right on the beach, and the unusual construction(!)  Tel: +1 (784) 458 3361

Fernando’s Hideaway, or Nando’s

Up on a hill above Lower Bay. Small, intimate and local: our favourite restaurant on Bequia. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3758

Bagatelle at Bequia Beach Hotel

On the beach, with the surf crashing nearby. One of the best (and most expensive) restaurants on Bequia, but worth it for the both the position and the quality of the food. Tel: +1 (784) 458 1600  

Friendship Bay

Blue Tropic at Bequia Beach Hotel

Garden setting, above the beach, at Bequia Beach hotel. Italian food.  Tel: +1 (784) 458 1600

Sugar Hill

Candy pink restaurant with great local food. Lobster on Wednesdays when available! Tel: +1 (784) 458 3773

Mount Pleasant

Sugar Reef Inn

Light, airy restaurant right on the water at Crescent Beach. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3400


Jack’s Bar

Tucked away at the end of the beach. Means you can stay on the beach all day! Tel: +1 (784) 457 3672

Princess Margaret’s Beach

Firefly Hotel

Pricey, but good. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3414


Auberge des Grenadines

Fine french restaurant, with live lobster pool. Tel: +1 (784) 457 3555

Hamilton / Ocar

Black Pearl

Right on the water, where the Devil’s Table restaurant used to be. Tel: +1 (784) 456 9868

Coco’s Place

Traditional Caribbean food, and usually open throughout the year. Tel: +1 (784) 458 3463


Tex-Mex, and Caribbean food, on the Belmont Walkway. Good value. Tel: +1 (784) 457 3779

Fig Tree

Caribbean creole, right next to Mac’s on the Belmont Walkway Tel: +1 (784) 457 3008