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There are plenty of beaches to choose from, each with its own characteristics. In general those on the Caribbean (Western) side are calmer, with clearer waters. Those on the Atlantic (Eastern) side have slightly rougher seas, and typically fewer people on the beach.

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If you want small, friendly, family-owned restaurants, you’re in luck. Choose from Caribbean-style, Mexican, French and Italian. But if you want McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Express or Starbucks: sorry, but Bequia’s not for you.

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No golf courses, I’m afraid. But plenty of other things to do, including diving, snorkelling, yacht charters, day trips to Mustique and Tobago Cays, visiting the Whaling Museum, Moonhole and the Turtle Sanctuary, or just chilling out and relaxing: “liming”as the locals say.

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Information for Once You’ve Booked

Once you’ve made a booking, you’ll want to start thinking about jeep hire, local driving licences, and what to bring to Bequia

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The tiny island of Bequia (pronounced Bekway) has a unique, magical charm which is hard to find anywhere else in the Caribbean.  Just five miles long by two miles wide, and with fewer than six thousand inhabitants, it feels like home from the moment you arrive; friendliness is the watchword, and the pace is relaxed and easy-going.

Bequia fulfils many dreams of the perfect small Caribbean island: beautiful sandy beaches where more than ten people may constitute a crowd, lush green hillsides, attractive little villages, hardly any traffic, places to get together and places in which to find that perfect solitude.

This island is just perfect for a quiet, romantic holiday without a rowdy nightlife.

Introduction to Bequia

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