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Getting to Bequia

One reason Bequia has retained its charm is that, although it has an airport, there are no direct flights to Bequia from outside the Caribbean.

The first step, therefore, is to reach one of the Caribbean gateway islands. And the one most-used by visitors from the UK, Canada and the US is Barbados.

Getting from Barbados to Bequia

The More Romantic, Cheaper, but Slower Way

Getting to Barbados

Several major airlines serve Barbados from the UK, Canada and the US. All fly into the Grantley Adams International Airport, airport code BGI.

Flying to Barbados from the UK
British Airways
Virgin Atlantic

Flying to Barbados from Canada or the USA


American Airlines
US Air


Air Canada
Air Jamaica


There are two options for getting from Barbados to Bequia.

This involves flying to St Vincent, then using the ferry to complete the 9 mile, one hour journey to Bequia. This way you arrive at the seafaring island of Bequia by sea. It’s what we did the first time we visited Bequia - and we were instantly hooked.

To fly from Barbados to Bequia you will need Liat Airline.

The ferry we always use is the Bequia Express. You don’t need to book - just turn up and go.

The only downside of this route (apart from the longer journey time) is that, if Liat is running late, you might miss the last ferry to Bequia. But that’s no great hardship. When this happens to us, we just book a room at the Cobblestone Inn, within walking distance of the ferry, and take the first ferry after breakfast.

The Quicker, but More Expensive and Less Romantic Way

Alternatively, you can take a scheduled flight direct to Bequia with Mustique Airways.

This is more expensive, and you also miss out on arriving by sea - but it’s undoubtedly quicker and easier. We tend to use this route when it’s a short trip and we don’t want to miss a minute of Bequia time.

Other, Less Common, Routes

If you don’t want to travel via Barbados, or that’s not easily accessible from your country, you can get further travel assistance from the Bequia Tourism Association website.