Bequia Villa Rental: Bequia Whispers Villa

Click here for photos of Whispers Villa, Bequia.

Once You’ve Booked Whispers

Here’s what you’ll need to know once you’ve booked your stay at Whispers. If you feel we’ve missed anything you’d like to know, please tell us and we’ll try to add it here.

A few weeks before you go

Jeep Hire

Here are some things to think about before you go.

It’s possible to get around using taxi alone, but for real freedom, you’ll probably want to hire a jeep. You’ll definitely want a 4 x 4 as there are some steep inclines on Bequia - including the driveway at Whispers!

When we’re on Bequia, we alternate between two companies. In your booking confirmation email we’ll give you details of our current recommendation.

Please let them know that we recommended them.

You will also need a local driving licence, and the hire companies will get that for you as long as you give them a few days notice and send them what they need (essentially just scans of your both your own country licence and your passport).  The licence costs around EC$100 (see below) for 6 months, and the hire companies will also charge you a small fee for getting it for you. The alternative is to go to the Customs House yourself to get the licence - but of course it's technically illegal to drive there!

Local Currency

St Vincent and the Grenadines, including Bequia, uses the East Caribbean Dollar, otherwise known as EC$, XCD, or “ee-see”. This has a fixed exchange rate with the US$: around EC$2.67 per US$1.

There are two ATMs on Bequia, both in the main town, Port Elizabeth. Usually at least one ATM will be working at any given time. However, it does make sense to bring some cash with you, for those initial hours on the island.

If you’re travelling via Barbados, you’ll probably want some US$ on you as well. Not only might you want a drink while passing through, but they’ll also sometimes decide to charge you a departure tax of US$12.50 per person. The application, or otherwise, of this tax seems pretty random in our experience.

Vaccinations / Immunisations

Is there anything your health adviser recommends for Bequia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines that you haven’t already had, or that might need a booster? The good news is - no malaria.

A few days before you go


Here are some things to think about in the last few days before you go.

The sun in the Caribbean is fierce - please make sure you bring enough protection with you.

Departure Tax

Slightly odd mentioning this even before you get to Bequia - but it would be rather embarrassing if you forgot this. On leaving St Vincent and the Grenadines, there is departure tax of EC$100 per person.

Don’t forget to tuck it away somewhere so you’ll still have it on the final day!

Mosquito Repellent

The numbers of mosquitoes vary by time of year, time of day, and weather. But you should definitely assume you’re going to come across them, and bring plenty of repellent.

Travel / Medical Insurance

Please don’t forget to ensure you have all the appropriate insurances in place.

Any Special Requests

And finally... the fun bit! We’ll make sure there’s a small welcome pack of basic provisions waiting for you to ensure you don’t starve during your first hours on Bequia.

But if there’s anything special you fancy, such as gin and tonic or fresh oranges, please let us know. We’ll ask our manager to buy them in for you, and you can reimburse her during your stay.