Bequia Villa Rental: Bequia Whispers Villa Bequia Villa Rental: Bequia Whispers Villa Boats in Admiralty Bay. You’ll see craft ranging from one man dinghies to the floating palaces of the rich just passing by. The Belmont Walkway along the edge of the Admiralty Bay harbour in Port Elizabeth. Princess Margaret Beach, on the Caribbean side. White sand, crystal clear water, and reputed by many to be the best beach on Bequia. Ravine Bay Beach. This is on the Atlantic side, with some decent waves to make things interesting. And it also has the famous Ravine Bay Blowhole. The Frangipani Restaurant, one of several little eating places lining the harbour’s edge in Port Elizabeth. Sunset over Admiralty Bay. To be viewed with a long and delicious rum punch to hand! Sunset over the cays at the southern tip of the island, as viewed from the Friendship Rose at the end of a trip to Tobago Cays. Socony entertains at dinner. His composition ‘Only in Bequia’ is Bequia’s unofficial anthem and captures the island’s unique charm. At the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary, baby turtles are lovingly nurtured until ready to be released back to the wild. The picturesque harbour of Admiralty Bay, Bequia - renowned amongst sailors for generations.

Photos of Bequia